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Retrieval Service (Traditional Way)

We at ADS Document Storage can always go down the “traditional route” of personally delivering files direct to your door or through the postal system or via courier.

Effortless Access to Your Critical Documents

We know that the safety and security of your documents held in storage is one of the biggest concerns for our customers wishing to store paperwork and documents containing sensitive data especially when transporting files requested back to their offices.

Retrieving files and documents requested by our customers is just as important to us to keep them safe and secure at all times. Should you wish to go down the traditional route (Please see our Digital Retrieval Options) we will personally hand deliver your file/files to you to ensure a continued security and safety of your paperwork.

Picture of a van en route to deliver your documents the traditional document retrieval service

Make our way, your way and together we can unlock the full potential of your business through intelligent document storage and digital retrieval.

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